It goes beyond the concept of a baby book. This is your best friend's entire life story that you will treasure for a lifetime. You will revisit this journal often to reminisce on days gone by. Remember, you'll have this until you meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

The Dog Years of My Life

Softcover, 9 x9 inches                                                                               First Edition, 2005                                                                                    ISBN 0-9770422-0-0                                                                                  $18.00



The Dog Years of My Life

Softcover, 8 x 10 inches                                                                       Second Edition, 2015                                                                                 ISBN 978-1517725440                                                                          $14.00                                                                                    

The Cat Years of My Life

Softcover, 8 x 10 inches                                                                            First Edition, 2015                                                                                     ISBN 978-1518600807                                                                           $14.00